How to dress taller: Short man Vs Tall men Fashion tips with height shoes

Get fashion and clothing tips to dress for short height, visit for elevator shoes with shoe lifts.
There is always a thought in mind of short people while choosing clothes to wear that how they can look taller or smaller. Here are simple and basic ways to look tall.

1, Always try to wear suits, shirts and pants with vertical lines which will project linear look. Never wear horizontal stripes. They will make you look wider and smaller.

2, Try to wear V neck t-shirts, sweaters which makes your body appear longer and taller.

3, Do not wear baggy clothes, they will make you short and not hide your short stature.

4, Try to wear slim fit clothes that fit your body they will actually make you look longer and can express your linear look.

5, Choose a shorter jacket. It will make your legs look longer.

6, While choosing colors, try to choose monochromatic outfits for top and bottom as they help to look taller.
7, Keep your hair short and trimmed. Long hair can hide the neck and shoulder area and prevent from help to add length to the entire body

One way to increase your stature is by wearing high heels shoes with hidden lifts such as height tall shoes, shoe inserts and elevator shoes. These can all easily add a few inches to your height without knowing others.

Fashion ✮ Jewelry Minimalism + Fashion Tips!

How does a girl minimalize her stylish jewelry collection to live a simple yet fashionable lifestyle? By only owning the jewelry she uses and loves! Just because you may not own alot, doesn’t mean you have to look it. Follow me on my fashionable minimalist journey to find out how to downsize your jewelry box in order to maximize the time, space, and money in your life!

Examples Of The Jewelry I Own:
1. Diamond Stud Earrings (Work)
2. Faux Pearl Necklace with Matching Earrings (Work)
3. Colored Pendant Necklace with Matching Stud Earrings (Work)
4. “Statement” Earrings with Matching Bangles (Going Out)
5. “Statement” Necklace (Going Out)
6. Fun Cocktail Ring With Matching Earrings (Going Out)
7. Sparkle Dangle Earrings with Matching Bracelet (Holiday)
8. Adjustable Long Gold Tassel Necklace (Anytime)

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