The Mom Interviews With Alison Lumbatis – Fashion Tips

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Kristen Hewitt welcomes Alison Lumbatis from Alison shares her tips to help moms get out of a style rut and take part in her regular style challenges. A great tip shared is that no matter what size you are, wearing something fitted either bottom or top, will flatter every shape.

Alison is a certified professional life coach, former actress/print model and personal stylist. Through her “Pretty Strong” program, she also supports women undergoing cancer treatment by providing complimentary GYPO Style Challenges and other benefits.

This episode is not to be missed. Kristen and Alison’s enthusiasm is contagious and will have you feeling inspired.

As a special thank you, gives Alison the Posh Mommy Wee Loop Necklace with her children’s names and birthstones.

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Fashion Design Careers : Tips on Becoming a Fashion Designer

Becoming a fashion designer requires doing independent research in the field, finding a high-quality design school, attending fashion events and consistently developing style and technique. Start a career in the fashion design industry with advice from a successful fashion designer in this free video on fashion jobs.

Expert: Olive Page
Bio: Olive Page is a Wilmington fashion designer who recently showed her new collection LIV by Olive J.
Filmmaker: Rendered Communications

Running Late For School ⎜Quick Hair fixes, Makeup, & Outfit Ideas!

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Girl Meets World: Smarte Couture – Maya Needs Fashion Tips

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How to Style Cocktail Dresses – Fashion Tips

Your Style, redefined.

Beauty Mantra imparts knowledge on how to nurture oneself and helps improvise ones beauty skills. The beauticians provide a nurturing guide, mostly home remedies to carry out regularly. Home products and natural ingredients are what they suggest.

So stay tuned for lots of Beauty tutorials and makeup tips .


GQ Rules Season 2: Hit the Links – Men’s Style & Fashion Tips – GQ Rules

Want to look as sharp as the models in GQ? Now you can. Check out all of the GQ Rules videos to learn what it takes to dress, groom, and act with style.

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GQ Rules Season 2: Hit the Links – Men’s Style & Fashion Tips – GQ Rules

Starring: Adam Rapoport and Glenn O’Brien
Featuring: King Khan

Ideas for Girly Outfits : Women’s Fashion & Outfit Ideas

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Girl outfits can include a wide variety of different things, like ruffles or pastels. Get ideas for girly outfits with help from a fashion industry professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Jamie Walsh
Filmmaker: Nicholas Wilson

Series Description: Putting together the right outfit often depends on the situation. Get tips on fashion and style with help from a fashion industry professional in this free video series.

Fashion tips for tying your Scarf

Do you ever get tired of wearing your scarf the same old boring way? Do you often see other people’s scarves and wish you knew how to do it yourself? Well, stress no more. Our video will provide you with simple ways to wear your scarf and keep your attire looking fresh, new, and trendy. Just follow these easy tips and don’t be afraid to get creative and create your own unique look.

6 Flying Style Tips | Practical Flying Fashion Advice For Guys

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, goes over 6 flying style tips to ensure next time you hit the sky you are flying high and looking great. These are 6 practical fashion tips for flying. What to wear on a plane and how to dress for a trip or vacation. What to wear to the airport as well as how to dress to maximize comfort, function and of course style.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. offers six tips about how to fly in style. He has read a ton of posts about how to travel in style on male style blogs. Majority of the advice is crap and not practical like suggesting to wear a blue blazer and fedora. The advice given here is found useful by Alpha. It boils down to why you’re traveling. Alpha is separating travel between personal and travel.
Practical Style Tips When Flying

1. Shoes – casual travel wear mocs, boat shoes, fashion sneakers; business travel wear slip on loafers, brogues, monk straps. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and broken-in.

2. Socks – wear stylish, clean socks for both casual and professional dress. They are a great way to slip your shoes off and hang-out in your socks (versus the ratty, stinky looking gym socks)

3. Dress in layers – layer a tee shirt, zip up hoodie or button up cardigan, and light weight jacket. Wear an undershirt with your dress shirt. Remove layers at you need.

4. Wear a jacket with pockets for passes, phone, keys, and more to avoid digging through a bag. If you are wearing a suit jacket or sport coat and you don’t want it wrinkled, grab a flight attendant and ask if she / he will hang your jacket / coat for you. You can also clip a carabiner to tray table (see article link above).

5. Pack your sunglasses in your case in your bag – on your head stretches out the glasses and greases up the lenses. You can also lose them if not secured.

6. Pants – dark wash, great fitting jeans which can be dressed up with shoes, for casual wear. Wear 100% wool for professional not synthetic or linen.