Personal Style Tips

How you walk into a room says a lot about you. Just ask Alba Gomez. Through her fantastic personal stylist Perth business, she teaches men and women how to feel great and look their best.

Some tips to improve your personal style:

  1. Know who you are and understand what makes you special
  2. Use your clothes, hairstyle, shoes and accessories to capitalise on your strengths and minimise your weaknesses
  3. Understand how your personal style conveys a message
  4. Does that message match who you are and play to your strengths?
  5. Recognise that your style will change over time. It’s ok to try different looks.

It’s not difficult to work on your style. However, it’s a lot easier if you use an image consultant to help you. You wouldn’t try to be the best swimmer in the world without a coach or a training plan would you? That’s the role of the image consultant. They listen to you to understand what makes you tick, then combine that with their extensive experience to really make you more “you”. A better you. A more confident you.